Call to Action! March on DC to stop torture.


The events of this week have forced my hand.

I’ve been thinking of starting a political blog for the last six months or so. I never did it, I think because I figured no one cared what I thought. But now, I don’t care if nobody cares. I HAVE to do this for my own identity as an American and even more importantly as a Human Being.

The revelation that the Abu Ghareb type tortures were actually discussed and approved in the White House goes beyond anything I can remember in my 54 years on this planet. Nixon’s Watergate looks like a grade school prank in comparison.

Here’s a video from MSNBC that shows what I am talking about.

Top of Form

Where the hell am I?

What have we got to do with that country that defeated fascism?

Why isn’t ANYONE doing ANYTHING to STOP it?

What’s become of us?

Even Ashcroft knew it was wrong to the core.

Let’s pray that at least Obama, assuming he’s elected, will bring these truly evil people to account. ALL of them should be prosecuted for war crimes, accessory to murder, accessory to rape, and treason.

Treason for subverting the constitution.

Either we should have a special Judgment at Nurenburg trial for them all, or we should turn them over for prosecution at the Hague.

If we don’t do this and instead opt for “healing” by letting them get away with it, the US will never recover its self respect and will rightly be considered a pariah state by the world community.

What is it we call countries who do shit like this?

You got it… “Rogue States“.

Other than being the most powerful military force, what exempts the US from the standards we demand from these “Rogues”?

OK. You and I never did this stuff. But the country and the “congress” sat on their hands and let it happen. They’re still letting it happen.

The Dems could and should cut off funding now. There is no way we will ever win the hearts and minds of the Arab world after what we’ve done.

We should turn Iraq over to UN control within 3 months. Or maybe the Arab League.

But that won’t happen because the rich guys are making money hands over fists from this war. Taxpayer money. Actually, our grand children’s taxes at this point.

I wish the Chinese would wake up and stop lending Bush the money to throw away on this idiocy. But they don’t give a shit either.


How many more will be killed or tortured for NOTHING before we put an end to this?

I’m sorry, I just can’t stand this. I feel so goddamned powerless…

It’s just too awful to allow it to continue for another week, much less till Barack takes over in January.

I know, I’m ranting and raving. ..

What I can’t understand is why the good people of the United States (most of whom are very good) are letting it go on and on and on. Long after it was clear that it was a mistake and a waste. We now also know that it is a crime against everything America once stood for.


Here’s the best I could come up with today:





On DC.

I really think this could work. The July 4th date and the subject of torture combine in a way that the Main Street Media simply can’t ignore.

Neither can Congress.

Neither can the candidates.

It should be a non-partisan march, if possible.

AMERICANS AGAINST TORTURE or something like that should organize it.

I need help to do this. I’m 54 years old and have multiple sclerosis, so there’s a limit to what I can do. I’m going to be sending this idea to everyone I can think of. Please do the same.

Help me get out a viral message that this July 4th, instead of a barbeque, any American who opposes the use of torture as a public policy in this country will be in DC to protest. What the heck, let’s have our barbeques in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

I need support on this idea from all progressives and even conservatives for that matter.

I mean torture really does cut across all but the most extreme partisan lines, don’t you think?

Would MoveOn support such an idea?

Would the Daughters of the American Revolution?

I mean, who wouldn’t support such a march? And in an election year, who wouldn’t want a chance to grab the spotlight addressing a huge crowd in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

Think about it.

Please help me make this happen. Talk to your local organizers. See if there’s any interest.

I’m just one blogger, but there are ALL kinds of netroots out there who would show up if any major group picked it up. I’m going to be sending this idea out to anyone I can think of.

If you think it’s a good idea, please do likewise.

We have less than 3 months to organize it.

Joseph Wouk


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  1. Please promote this idea anywhere you think it might take root.

    If you have any ideas or suggestions that could help make it happen please leave them here.



    Comment by josephwouk | April 14, 2008 | Reply

  2. Dear jaded idealist,

    Looks to me like you are still the same tie died hippie wanna be from the 60s. Dont you guys ever grow up. The president has a perfect right to torture people. Hell, the US people have been tortured for 7 years now. How are you and all that. 54 years old. Damn you are old. If you want to call the number at work is 908 964-1717.


    Comment by JOEL C. SELTZER | May 28, 2008 | Reply

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